05-31-12..2 new job “situations” have emerged which take advantage of the housing market and the overabundance of prolific writers

out there right now.  The first job group is to house the many people who are transitioning into mainstream society. This includes children and adults, disabled and those recently released from hospitals, prisons, cults, or half-way houses. This need is necessary in different parts of the world and most certainly in Canada, Mexico, South America, England, Europe, Asia, The Middle East. Going into this type of position entails reams of paperwork and dealing with all kinds of officials at many different levels. You must also be prepared to work with a population that perhaps is more difficult than your level at the beginning. Brazil is a prime candidate because their economy is flourishing and they have many communities that would respond well to this type of help. Their poor include multitudes of neglected and abused children. Start with a small endeavor, like a day care for seniors or infants that only operates six (6) hours per day. Prioritize your considerations, and try to not promise so much as you begin. Providing transportation to your facility would be a secondary consideration, after you have stabilized a bit financially. Begin now of taking advantage of free software giveaways, books on your topic and resourceful friends. Support can be found in many ways and with a bit of research can seem less difficult. To be truly successful, you must be prepared to say no to the populations you are uncomfortable with or who pose any threat to your business continuing. There are people who actually set up a table on a street corner to ask neighbors what their response would be and to get other important feedback.  When asking for support, be really prepared, and your speech must be really polished. Be very upbeat in your approach, and this will deflect and negativity that you have not reconciled as yet. Be very grateful to whomever is contributing ideas or support of any kind. Recruit family members and always feed your volunteers or show them how much you appreciate their input. Have brainstorming sessions with your friends working in the field you are interested in, and take them out to lunch. Having a meal for new employees, new vendors, new sponsors, support team, is often a good eye-opener to strengths and weaknesses in your thought process or pending operation. Attend any business type of conference in your area to meet people and make those ever-important networking connections. Journal to keep yourself on track, even if you do it by listing your task list and schedule. There are many free classes online that could address any questions you have been unable to resolve. There are many surveys online that can be short and to the point or really detailed. This is an important tool and at times can be the only way to get certain information.

The second option is to take advantage of the many people who are publishing online and really need help in so many ways. First, there are the many teachers who encourage their students to publish and to do their work at a certain level to have publishing as part of the project. Speaking to this type of class, no matter the age-group could enhance your pending “publishing house”. Writers want to be able to sit down and just write and not deal with any of the many aspects of the business. Your position could provide information about selling essays. There are many homework sites that are purchasing essays on different topics as examples.  These writers are also interested in the many writing contests that provide monetary remuneration. Right now, the public is very hungry for millions of types of topics. Be it trend or fact, we must satiate this need and give them online magazines filled with all kinds of stats or whatever we find that satisfies. Looking at the successful publishing houses or those that are still able to stay afloat is very helpful. We must also, stay abreast of the cyber-crime of publishing or making books available without the proper channels or the “book underground”. Coincidentally, the U.S. Senate has been very active, in the pursuit of the culprits of this crime wave. Should the Kindle and the Nook people be subjected to a penalty for allowing these on their systems? The anger students have had over so many years against the textbook industry seems to be released through the ability to put the book contents online for free and share with like-minded commrades. How has this effected the industry? Your mission statement must have a statement regarding pledgarism, and its consequences.   Stay tuned for the next topic: What does “walking away from the truth” mean on a business level? Hint, let’s look at some Marketing blunders together, join me.


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