09-23-12, free-lance fodder, “Aisle R – Results-Oriented Actions for Interviewing, Networking, New or Temporary to Permanent Job Situations” with photos.

It seems that this is a recurring article; however, this is new information and it has been updated. What do Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have in common?  Well, if you take away their money, and their love of work, you will find their common thread to be their high energy levels. It is more than metabolism. There are many new words in this area in an attempt to capture what is actually happening when these vibrant energies meet. Some of us digest this information as similar to a runner that can go on for hours; yet, we must get to a deeper level on this very important personal factor. The Buffet and Gates families talk about their famous kin’s relationship and say they are like brothers and they relate better to each than their blood relatives. It is far above meeting challenges, it is more of bringing out their own personal and group leadership. Yes, the money is thrilling as are all of the percs, all the same, they are on their path and their mission and feel stronger when surrounded by those who are like-minded. This is the rapport that is referred to in all of those interviewing classes we have had to endure.

(10) Ten words (or more) not to use when networking or interviewing…, timeline, rapport, promise, secret, hate or hatred, abuse/neglect, incest or incest/survivor, psychology, coercion, deception,

Clothing can be tricky in the workplace, especially if your company observes denim Friday.  This advice is for men and women, and friends, your co-workers are really not interested in seeing your every curve. Perhaps you believe the people who tell you otherwise. Workout clothes are completely inappropriate at work as well as going onto campus and picking up the kids from whatever grade.

Shoes are another item that can be irritating. People should not hear you as you walk by their desk. Men and women are guilty of flip-flops syndrome. We sometimes believe there is an exception if they are of the more expensive group. This is unfortunately not true. Excessive noise, whether it is you chatting or moving around, narrows your welcome door to that area.

Tattoos. It is assumed that you know to cover your tattoos as best you can, with a Band-Aid or whatever it takes.

Office Demeanor In the states, children are increasingly taught the “indoor and outdoor” behavior rules. So, if you were or were not raised with this, perhaps this will serve as a mini-introduction. Outdoor behaviors include whistling, running, loud voices and in general encompass the disruptive nature of the action. How does this relate to the office? Do you run to the elevator or yell at co-workers from down the hall? Saving a few minutes is not as important as is your demeanor as a professional or potential professional.   This is lowering your quotient of rapport with those who do not participate in these behaviors. Teachers came up with these rules to help with those who are constantly with, “you are picking on my child”. In the office, people more try to make excuses for you, by saying, “country person” or whatever, trying to let you know, you are not with status quo.

Notes A major part of work is communicating with those giving you assignments whether you are contract or not. Responding by notes or email is an important indication about you.  Writing to save space by tech writing or whatever it is called that looks like this, “whatever it.takes” that evolved from texting is not  a proactive solution in the office unless instructed to do so.

In the next or continuing part of this session, we will get into, body odor, red eye, coughing, late from breaks or lunch, errands, messages, making coffee, saying no, names and numbers, personal and inter office conflicts, and workspace area. Looking forward to our next time together. I appreciate our relationship.


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