Award winning photographs And Aisle T for Travel and Aisle F for food in the Middle East


Aisle t for travel..for those who are considering a nursing career in the Middle East, you should know that the reality is a.) the salaries are not comparable, b.) the competition is really serious because people from so many cultures are interested in living here; however temporarily.

Another consideration is that you may or may have not anticipated the possibility of having passport or visa issues. The hospitals are part of the loop as they get into helping you with extending the passport; however, it can be a very strenuous process that may or may not be worth your while.

Most nurses who are working full time also have to do companion work, massage, or rehab work.

Aisle F for food in the Middle East, when ordering chicken in a sandwich or a restaurant or cafeteria, usually you get a very large portion, and often you will receive two portions, or whatever covers a good size of the plate (of normal size).

I hope you will join me in my next editions for How to rekindle the lovelight of self-love, and how to put on your sexy before a hot date for women. My recent article “How to be teacher of the year” is also something that could benefit therapists and nurses and other types of support  and service professionals. Hope it helps and yes, these are to be used in your free lance articles as well. Be Well


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