“how ceo’s lose their jobs”


Some years ago, there was a Texas politician, who in normal fashion spent millions on a Presidential campaign. Once a reporter asked him if he “had ever visited the “whore houses” in Mexico?” Going along with the honesty is the best policy thinking, he answered in the affirmative. Only to his demise, and completly ending his career. Loose lips sink ships for those in high positions as well. In Dallas, there was a supervisor in a Parole office who used to entertain people circuiting through his office about his childhood of “whipping (expletives deleted) ___”.
His tales made it to the head office, where he was promptly demoted. When he sued, he received a cash settlement and was transferred to another city.
In Houston, an older gentleman had been controlling a very high echelon in the court system. He had a very nice large office with (3) three secretarys. In the midst of a transition to a modern newly constructed building, his wife dropped by on a nice summer day and suggested, “why don’t we have a picnic?” We are talking about at least (300) three hundred people being involved. Everyone planned and listed and reminded, and on the lovely Saturday, everyone showed up except for the boss and his wife. They had gone out of their way so much for them to be reciprocated by non-attendance was a slap in the face. The friction this caused was so deep, he was asked to resign and someone else took the helm in the new building.Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Know who your friends are, in the office and out.


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