clarifying outcomes or specificity blog

specificity blog..paraphrased from dummies, getting results, by m. mccormack, step one in organizing your brain is to visualize your objectives, this takes self-talk  imagination, & these are organizational goals,  each goal must be specific, detailed, within your control, compatible with your character, on a schedule like a calendar…writing down your is not a goal until it is written down, committing a goal to writing makes it real…goals are personal, and necessary…..before it is a goal it is a fantasy or a wish somewhere in the clouds…..after you have written down your goal, there is or should be some sense of urgency which you are putting on yourself, like for example a diet or food plan,  yes, you are making yourself, feel special and you are making yourself a priority, however, there does become a sense that you must proceed, seek help, deal with your clutter, throw things away, whatever it is for you… have moved yourself or forced yourself to be in an action position… have also set yourself up to either fail or succeed, with a new perspective on that or not…..perhaps you will reach your goal or otherwise……….


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