I am completely comfortable with the many abilities, skills and talents that I know are available to me now.

For me these are now writing and speaking.

A very clear metaphor appeared or manifested today which has probably been brought out before; however, it is so resplendent as a good example of goal-transition and it is the bus system of any city.  Observing this either at a local or long-distance level can really bring out the differences in each path. It underlines the fact that we must each have many questions ready as we attempt to move through this maze no matter how organized it may seem.  You can relate to each man,  woman and   child as they  run to catch their future.  It is equally interesting watching those who are uncertain, indecisive and yes, out of integrity.  It really makes you want to go home and redo your whole mission statement, business plan and marketing plan.  It is also clear of course that we must get with ourselves in terms of our own wishes,desires, patterns and everything about ourselves.



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