from Strategies for Business Success, Arranging your office for success and prosperity – with personalized astrological charts and forecasts, by t. r. simons…..”The 3 cycles” The (5) five elements (water, metal, wood, fire and earth)  have (3) three basic ways, or cycles of interacting with one another: (a.) the cycle of generation, (b.) the cycle of destruction, and (c.) the cycle of mitigation. Water freezes and melts. it is located between contracting metal and expanding wood. water denotes transition, and as such it corresponds to travel, commerce, sex, dreams, sleep, death and birth. because water is cool and clear it corresponds to reflection and deep concentration. running deep underground. water corresponds to secrecy. rushing along rapids and over waterfalls. water also corresponds to passions and desires. water is a yin season.to keep Water nature healthy and flowing, cultivate your innate abilities to reflect calmly, to see both sides of an argument, and to be adaptable while pursuing the object of your desire. the shape of water is asymmetrical and flowing. building with undulating curves correspond to Water. the colors of water are all of the deepest blues. compass direction is north. Feng Shui for your one-bedroom apartment…If you live in a one bedroom apartment, keep your work out of your bedroom. If you do  not want your work to overwhelm you, keep all of your file cabinets, papers, desk,computer, and other materials associated with your work in the living room/den area.  Keep your work and entertaining areas in the living room/den completely separate. The more logically you organize the work, living and sleeping areas of your home, the more confident you will feel about yourself and your work.


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  1. Jon Palmore says:

    Applying feng shui basics in the home need not be that complicated. There are some ways in which this ancient practice can be used to make the home flow with positive energy or chi. Here are some of the basic feng shui practices that you need to know and can easily apply to make your home as well as your life filled with positive chi.-

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