Learn to not only listen to my inner voice, learn to pay attention and act on the advice or change in my personal software that is playing to make me more congruent. Fasting has many facets and can be changed to suit our own needs; however, we must stick to what we originally planned to do. Checking in with a friend on what is realistic is very helpful and strongly recommended. The fast can affect our level of understanding and the level of our altered states. Have an established time to write for you that works for you.Part of the purpose of writing is to find our behavioral patterns and if necessary change them.this can be with an anonymous friend online as well as in person. Listening skills are a good beginning. There are many books that have good prompts to get us started on this path. The order of our home, living situation, is or can be relegated to a position which is the beginning of any problems or challenges since we continually fail to see its importance. If we look at the big picture instead of increasing income, this will bring us closer to where we should be instead of incremental change.Any discussion of time, calendar or anything of that nature is my signal that my brain is letting me know that a small or sizeable change has already begun and perhaps I should be more aware of what is gong on around me. Predisposing to peace leads to a lot of time not spent in temper which is the goal of all affirmations and prayers and meditations. Walking is the best exercise no matter what anyone says.Visualization is a very important tool to be used daily not when needed.  Work choices that do not include diversity are unrealistic.Not using the skills we have is a major travesty and the reason that we lose jobs and at times some relationships. Respect for our own bodies and whatever place we are with whatever part of our age is without question an ongoing part of our day and should be of calm concern. New recipes, new workout schedules, new work makes for a more productive day.


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