mission statement..developed from his writings….a. only speak with a positive intention, better known as, “Loshon Tov”, no gossip, slander, in business or otherwise…b. give to charity, regularly, and learn who it is best to tithe to for your own best purpose…c. learn to prioritize, focus and concentrate on one task at a time, make decisiveness, a habit…trust your own judgement, d. maintain a healthy, balanced level of self-centeredness, in business and with your family, and your physical body.., e.always do everything the legal way and not how you think it should be done or was done or how it is done in another city, country, estate, farm, ranch, kibbutz, moshav, county, government, settlement, law firm, do it right….a1. learn to pray intensely, there are many new books addressing this issue, and as it relates to bitachon, emmunah, faith, and this will alter your state to a higher level of consciousness,..a2. be increasingly careful about your own morals…forgive yourself and live the life you believe you should be living…no one can tell you how you should live your life, especially those close to you or related to you.only you can make this decision for yourself…a3.desire not wealth or things, learn to be happy with your current possessions, look at your buying patterns and how they relate to seasonal dysfunctionalism, do volunteer work when you usually shop, join a debtors group, even if you are not in debt, you are there to learn about yourself, there are much wealthier people there than you, try to start a book with sayings that help you to stay on track, they can be found at every level of publication, a4. know the purpose of your work and keep this in mind while working, this can change often, so we must have our goals readily handy to adjust, how does your goal list respond to the news that it is no longer a male dominated society, how will this affect you and your relationships, a5. learn to control our anger and if there is a reason for it deal with it if there is no reason for it then deal with the consequences toward yourself and those around us. a6.learn 15 pages from your fiction or non-fiction book, this can take the form of even just rewriting the lines or looking up the definitions of the words to verify it is being understood, learn about the author or his schooling, why this book was selected, what results are you seeking, a7.clarify outcomes in all that we do. a8. do release exercises as you are working out, eating, having a conversation, meditating, showering, a very important part of mental health.


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