I have lovingly released the past, I embrace the present and trust in the future. I have forgiven myself and anyone else I may have blamed for my job loss (whether self-emplyed or not).

I love myself and others love me whether or not I have a job.

I have willingly released any feelings or thoughts that inhibit my happiness.

I am in control of my present and my future is taking care of itself.

I am employed today in the full time job of creating my next better than ever job.

I do what I do best and enjoy most and prosper naturally.

I speak well of myself and my former employer.

I accept that each job search “no”, puts me that much closer to the ultimate “YES”.

I keep on keeping on with joy.

I focus on my purpose in life and trust that the details will take care of themselves.

I recognize that my job loss opens the way to a better than ever opportunity found.

I discover and cherish the perfection in my current circumstance and the people around me.

I request and recive unlimited support from all those around me.

I do what I do and do what I love effortlessly.

I choose to think and act on the highest thought each moment.

I acknowledge that my job loss gives me the opportunity to find a more appropriate job.

I recognize that I am valuable and successful just as I am, regardless of how I feel at the moment.

I deserve and accept my own and others love for me, whether or not I have a job.


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