from the power within you by louise hay…what every child should hear upon arriving into this world…We are so glad you came. We Have been waiting for you.  We wanted you so much to be a part of our family. You are so  important to us. We are so glad you are a little boy/girl. We love your uniqueness and your specialness.  The family would not be the same without you. We love you. We want to hold you. We want to help you grow up to be all that you can be.You do not have to be like us. You can be yourself. You are so beautiful. You are so bright. You are so creative. It gives us such pleasure to have you here. We love you more than anything in the whole world. We thank you for choosing our family. We know you are blessed. You have blessed us by coming. We love you. We really love you.May this prayer encourage my unconscious to work more closely with the self to integrate our parts and bring our child to a closeness with the adult and the parent for harmony and balance and to encourage our success in other relationships including work, play and initmacy. HEALTH NOTE encourage/advise prenatals to be aware of siberian ginseng in tea or otherwise.


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